Mission & Vision

Focussed towards overall development and upliftment of society.

Trust our Mission!

AVSS is committed towards social equity in all spheres of life. It strives for development by following a policy participation coupled with expertise in terms of ideas and technology.

With the changing times, we have embarked upon newer challenges in the fields of EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH and SANITATION, WOMEN EMPOWERNMENT and FINANCIAL LITERACY.

Our ultimate goal is to reach out to as many less fortunate citizens as possible, who need our assistance in fighting various social evils, complexities and difficulties of life that poses a hindrance and prevents them from achieving their fullest potential.

OUR VISION, VALUES & GOALSOur Vision is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged people of India.

AVSS strives to work towards removing ignorance by spreading awareness of Basic Human Rights of Citizens and educate them about various opportunities which can be availed by them in order to improve their standard of living and in turn contribute towards the overall development of our Nation.

With the various programs undertaken by us, we envision of a society where each citizen irrespective of his class or caste, is able to enjoy the various rights and privileges offered to him/her. With this thought, step by step, in our own small ways, we are trying to get closer to this goal, everyday and every moment.